All BVD testing is carried out by AHWNI designated laboratories.

  • Friction free tag rotation avoids entanglement
  • 3 in 1 biosecure action – Tag/Sample/Seal
  • Clean ear punch gives a quick-heal piercing
  • Easy-read fade free numbers, unique font & superior laser mark
  • Easy tagging with one strip per animal
  • Fast dry EasyMark permanent pen for your management tags
  • Universal tagger – robust & durable metal tagger with unique straightline action


For over 10 years The Caisley™ Geno System has been used not only for genetics and genomics, but disease control, management, traceability & provenance. Caisley™ is the world leader in this sector.

A commercial 100,000 tagged animal trial by Identitas determined over 99% retention in the field over time-full results on request.

Key Features that determine Tag retention

1 Design of the applicator

  • applicator-designStraight-line action drives male and female precisely together
  • No damage to male or female locking mechanism components
  • Minimises damage to ear tissue and animal trauma

2 Tag raw materials

  • raw-materialsFormulation using blend of premium quality plastic ingredients
  • No recycled materials used
  • High elasticity and tensile strengh allows tag to be released when snagged

3 Design of Male and Femail locking mechanism

  • Hardened glass-fibre inserts (grey and green) in male and female punch a clean hole in the ear-tissue
  • Cleanly punched hole in the ear-tissue allows free and frictionless tag rotation throughout the lifetime of animal

male-female2 male-female3

Choose your Caisley™ Geo System Tagging Combination:

Large Flag tissue or Medium Flag tissue sampling strips


Large Flag EiD tissue sampling strip


Button options are also available